Kelli K.


Very easy to work with and very prompt.

Mikey W.


Teresa was the guardian of my case, she listened to what my younger sister and I had to say and had our safety as the main priority no matter what. She handled the case with compassion and professionalism. She has saved my sister and I from a dangerous situation with our biological mother and has changed our lives for the better.

Dawn W.


Teresa Fout & her law partner are amazing!!! Teresa was our attorney & she was amazing!! She was always there day or night!! She returned our calls & emails promptly!!! BEST FAMILY ATTORNEY BY FAR!!! Thank you Teresa for everything!!! Your the BEST!!!

Kate S.

Teresa is a very professional legal representative that was very patient with me and very comforting. She took the time to answer and clarify, if needed, any questions I had. She was very helpful and knew the laws and how to handle what I would call a difficult situation. She even assisted me after the divorce was final with some advice I needed and was there for me even with her busy caseload. I would certainly recommend her to anyone that would need her services.


Attorney Fout is amazing! She had to wear many hats during a very difficult case for my children and me over a 3-year process. She has a great depth in many areas of the law with the ability to understand how painful these times can be. She is very professional and has an extreme passion for high integrity. Because my children were involved her background as a Guardian ad Litem was so profound. I recommend her to others in need, as she can help in a plethora of legal avenues.


Teresa Fout is a fantastic advocate for divorce. She is concerned with the well-being and safety of children and did a good job getting my family what we needed. She is well-spoken, intelligent and extremely creative when problem-solving. She is personable and timely. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for a good family, adoption, or divorce attorney. She is supportive, logical, and does her research.


Teresa is a knowledgeable and very professional attorney who cares about her clients. She did a great job in walking me through divorce, custody and support issues which are inherently fraught with emotional overload and can be simply overwhelming. I believe her solid advice prevented me from taking unnecessary actions, which would have resulted in substantially higher costs without gaining anything in return. I highly recommend her.


Teresa was wonderful, compassionate and professional. I would highly recommend her to others.


Attorney Fout is a compassionate attorney who knows how to resolve cases. Unlike many other lawyers, Attorney Fout will consider all aspects of your current situation before advising. She is willing to put in the extra time necessary for these types of cases without causing you to file bankruptcy.


The Fout Law Office team was very professional and responsive. They let me know everything that I asked and more that I didn’t know what to ask for. They are very easy to talk to; I had no knowledge about any of the legalities of child custody and with me not being married I thought I was going to be out of luck but Teresa made it to where I got way more than I expected and ended up with a great result for my case.


I have personally had several cases with her in several capacities. She has been opposing counseling & Guardian Ad Litem on my cases. We also completed a Collaborative Law Divorce with great success. She is fabulous to work with, always prepared, professional, courteous, and reasonable. When she says she will do something, she does it! I wish all opposing counsel were like Teresa – the practice would be a better place.


Teresa is always well prepared, thorough, courteous, professional & a joy to deal with on a case. When she says she will do something, she always does it!


Teresa kept me informed at all times. Her return calls to me were prompt. She always gave me all of the options concerning my case: best-case scenario, worst-case scenario. Always very kind when we spoke whether in person or over the phone. She explained everything to my son that he would understand on his level. I feel she was more than helpful at all times. She used all her resources to get answers for me. I would use her again if ever the need would arise.

Michael B.

I have had a great experience. Friendly staff and a very professional approach. They make you feel welcome even when dealing with difficult situations. I recommend using this firm.

Mike B.

Theresa was very professional and honest as to what to expect during my custody case. She let me know the good and the bad of what could happen, versus just telling me what I wanted to hear. Theresa and Amanda were always available to answer any questions or address any concerns I had about the process. They are as personable as they are professional and made me feel at ease the entire way. I couldn’t have gotten a better law firm to represent me and fight for my daughter and will always use the Fout law firm in the future. I have recommended Theresa to everyone who asks me for an attorney. And I highly recommend you reach out to her also.

Nicholas M.

I looked around for someone to handle my case, and since I wasn’t married, I had no rights to my children. Not only did they make me feel comfortable and protected, but they were very responsive and professional. They let me know exactly what had to happen, what could happen, and what I should do. I had no experience or knowledge, and they made things very easy and got me more than I thought I would be able to.

Meg S.

Teresa and Amanda both have been very helpful and responsive. They are personable and really showed care throughout our process.

Todd M.

I had Ms. Fout for Guardian Ad Litem a few years back. Thought I already wrote a review but guess I didn’t. She was the fairest and did by far the most thorough job of anyone involved. She said some things about me that I didn’t like, but she was honest in how she reached that conclusion. She didn’t just say that was what I came up with, she explained herself, and I understood how she came up with it. She also said some things that I liked and reached those conclusions the same way. In these types of cases, all one can ask for is a fair and open-minded Guardian Ad Litem. Ms. Fout is exactly fair and open-minded.

Eric P.

I can’t say enough positive things about my experience with Teresa. She is professional, thorough, thoughtful, and caring. She was able to describe the entire process in layman’s terms for me, and she explained all available options every step of the way. When I had questions, I would get timely responses by phone or email every time. She exceeded my expectations, and I’d highly recommend her to any friends or family members in need of a lawyer.

Bill W.

I’m a father and I’ve had a very good experience using attorney Fout with child custody and support. Her secretary Amanda was also amazing helping me with paperwork off the clock and on her own time to get everything ready. Mrs. Fout does care about the children in our case. We were fortunate and had very good guardian ad litem. I’m very blessed to be residential parent of 2 wonderful children. In my case, the mother was behind in child support and Mrs. Fout always had time to listen to all my questions and concerns. It was always what’s best for the children, and I will always recommend her to my family and friends.

Danielle T.

Both Teresa and Amanda are highly professional. They always work in the best interest of the client. Even though my case took a lot of time, through no fault of my own or Fout Law, they have never become impatient or let my case “fall through the cracks”.

I will continue to use Fout Law for ALL my legal needs!

Doug P.

She was very nice and friendly. I could not ask for more. She was always there when I had a question and was able to explain things that were easy to understand. She helped me in a tough time when I was in a custody battle for my daughter. I could not have asked for more from her.

Gerald M.

I have nothing but good things to say about Teresa Fout! Her paralegal is great too! From the initial meeting at my consultation to the final court date, I always felt like I was in good hands. I had a custody issue over my daughters and got exactly what I wanted. She is extremely knowledgeable about the entire process and was great at explaining to me how everything would work. She always kept me in the loop and communicated with me about any changes or new information. I’ve had a couple experiences with lawyers in the past where I felt like I had to initiate contact with them and keep checking up on how things were going. This wasn’t the case with Teresa. It made me feel comfortable and helped relieve my stress, that someone would obviously have when fighting for custody of their kids. She fought for what I wanted and let me know what my options were and what was realistic and what wasn’t. If you’re in need of an attorney for any custody issues, I would definitely recommend!

Derek S.

My entire experience with Teresa was amazing and positive. As a man going through a court process involving children you automatically expect things to not go in your favor. Teresa made me feel very comfortable and confident. She was very thorough in her investigation and with communication with myself, the court and all parties involved. When she was not available, Amanda was there to help in any way she could.

Fout Law was very professional, answered all voicemails, emails and questions in a timely manner. They fought hard for me, and I always felt they had me and my child’s best interest in mind. Teresa has earned my trust and respect, and I will forever be thankful for her representing me in my case. I highly recommend Fout Law to any and everyone needing legal help in her area of practice.

Bryan W.

I had a great experience with Teresa – I would highly recommend her! I found her to be very helpful through a complicated process. She provided excellent insight for me and helped me navigate custody proceedings. Teresa and her team were always very professional, easy to contact when I had questions and did a great job of keeping me informed over 10 months of proceedings. Her experience, knowledge, professionalism and commitment to open communication make her an outstanding attorney. 5 stars!

Mitchell K.

FANTASTIC !!!! Teresa and Amanda were so helpful throughout every step of our adoption. They were great and answering all our questions and giving you the step by step that helps you understand the court system, they respond to emails and calls very quickly. They are 110% prepared for every situation. Most of all they are 100% honest with you, even know sometimes it’s not what you want to hear but they were honest. In the long run, no matter if we would have won or lost we knew they tried their HARDEST !! They did win our case and we couldn’t be happier. We would recommend them to everyone.

Michael Y.

Teresa handled my divorce very professionally and with competence from start to finish. She has an excellent grasp of the relevant law, knows the court system well, and was prompt in her communications. While Attorney Fout was certainly ready to go to bat for me, she also consistently gave wise counsel so that I could make decisions based on likely outcomes rather than irrational thinking or emotional reactions. I believe her advice helped avoid unnecessary litigation which would have greatly increased fees and very likely led to a much less desirable result. Given the emotional issues and struggles typical of divorce, I was also very pleased to have an attorney who listened carefully, was understanding and was sympathetic to the needs of my children. I see Teresa as an attorney of the highest integrity and highly recommend her.

Ellen G.

Attorney Fout handled my divorce in a proactive and aggressive manner. My children’s safety was in danger, and she did everything to ensure that they and myself were safe. She was compassionate and understanding with me, but played hardball and pulled out the stops to make sure that I got the best outcome possible. Attorney Fout was efficient and acted quickly. She always kept me in the loop and took the time to make sure I understood all the legal proceedings. She was available via phone and email and takes her clients seriously. While she was supportive, she was also very business focused and made sure the job got done. Attorney Fout is well respected in the community and in court. I would recommend her to anyone who wants a savvy and competent lawyer.

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