Questions to Ask During Your Consultation With a Family Law Attorney
Questions to Ask During Your Consultation With a Family Law Attorney



Questions to Ask During Your Consultation With a Family Law Attorney

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Legal representation is critical for a wide range of matters that affect your rights, financial interests, and relationships. When you are facing questions regarding family law in Ohio, getting help from an experienced lawyer is equally essential. There are court opinions and statutes that apply to these cases, and there are also very specific court procedural rules implemented by the Stark County Family Court. When you have skilled legal counsel on your side, the proceedings are less daunting, and you know your rights are protected. 

Like many people, you may not have had reason to retain a lawyer in the past. You might be unsure about how to find the right fit, especially with family law topics that apply to your closest personal relationships. Fortunately, you can gain significant insight by asking the right questions when consulting with a North Canton family law attorney. There are a few that will lead to very useful information for making your decision, including:

How many of your cases are family law matters?

The point of this question is to determine whether your lawyer focuses on these cases as opposed to having family law as a subgroup practice area. Make sure the highest percentage of cases are in:

  • Divorce
  • Child custody, visitation, and support
  • Adoption
  • Paternity
  • Domestic violence
  • Guardianships

What is your experience with resolving family law disputes out of court?

Not every case has to go to a full-blown trial, and parties are able to agree on family law issues. Your attorney should have negotiation skills, as well as experience with both mediation and collaborative law. These are ways to resolve a family law case through informal, structured conversations toward compromise.

Do you handle contested hearings?

If you cannot resolve a family law dispute by agreement, you will need to participate in a contested hearing. This proceeding is a trial, so you should ask about their experience with litigation. A family law attorney must have in-depth knowledge of the laws, but time in the courtroom is critical.

What are the strengths and weaknesses in my case?

After describing your situation, a lawyer should be able to provide information on these important factors. The answer to this question will help you assess your goals, and the details are also crucial for strategy. With a weaker case, you might be more willing to compromise than risk loss in court.

How do you handle billing for family law cases?

Most attorneys work on an hourly basis for these matters, so ask about the rates they charge for different activities. Family law cases are typically not suitable for contingency fee arrangements.

Our Ohio Family Law Attorney Are Happy to Answer Questions

Our team at Fout Law Office, LLC is prepared for these and many other questions, as we know family law cases are stressful, emotionally draining, and complex. Please contact our office today to speak to an Ohio divorce lawyer. We can set up a consultation to provide more information on the services we offer at our North Canton, OH, family law firm.

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