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Ohio family law encompasses a number of different topics, including marriage, divorce, property division, alimony, and issues related to minor children. These matters can be quite complex, both because the laws are complicated and due to the emotions associated with personal and family relationships.

The legal team at Fout Law in North Canton, OH is dedicated to helping you with all aspects of family law and easing your stress as much as possible. You can trust our firm to tackle the tough challenges involved with spousal support, child custody and parenting time, and other matters. Attorney Teresa Fout has an extensive background and experience as a trial lawyer, divorce attorney, mediator, and advocate. Our family law practice group provides the premium quality representation you need, with the individualized attention you deserve.

Dedication to Serving the Needs of our Family Law Clients

Family law encompasses many different aspects of legal rights and obligations in Ohio, and we support clients in a wide range of circumstances. We offer advice and counsel with matters such as:

  • Divorce/Dissolution of Marriage: Even couples undergoing an amicable divorce can use the assistance of an attorney, especially when drafting agreements that will become part of a court order. If it’s necessary to go to court to enforce your rights, Ms. Fout will aggressively protect your interests.
  • Child Support, Custody, and Parenting Time: Disputes over minor children can be stressful, but a skilled attorney with an extensive background will help you resolve the disagreements that may come up with shared parenting. A lawyer can also assist with enforcement of child support orders.
  • Spousal Support: Also known as alimony, spousal support may be ordered or agreed to where necessary to provide for the financial needs of one spouse. Ms. Fout has experience representing both paying and recipient spouses.
  • Property Division: All marital property is subject to a fair and equitable distribution in a divorce, but this doesn’t mean a 50-50 split. If you can’t agree with your spouse, you may need a lawyer to assist through mediation or going to court.

Our family law team also represents clients in adoption, parental rights, estate planning and administration, and many other related practice areas.

Trust an Ohio Lawyer With Your Family Law Matters

Our team at Fout Law is at your side to assist with a wide range of family law matters and disputes. With years of experience and meticulous attention to detail, we offer a personalized approach to ensure you make informed decisions about your future. For more information on our family law and other legal services, please contact our North Canton, OH office at 330-437-7455 or reach out to us online. We’re happy to answer your questions or set up a consultation to discuss your circumstances.

Trust an Ohio Lawyer With Your Family Law Matters


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