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No matter how long you’ve been married to your spouse, divorce is rarely easy. During the process, you’ll be forced to address such issues as spousal support and division of marital property. If you have minor children, you must also take into account custody, support, and parenting time. The stress can be overwhelming if you don’t know the law and don’t understand your rights.

At Fout Law in North Canton, OH, the divorce practice group will advocate on your behalf throughout the dissolution of marriage process. As a trial lawyer, divorce attorney, and mediator, attorney Teresa Fout brings a wide array of skills to the table. Our team’s strengths are experience and knowledge in all types of divorce matters, and we’re committed to explaining your options so you can make informed decisions about your future.

Overview of Divorce in Ohio

When things are starting to break down in your marriage and divorce becomes imminent, you need the support of a qualified legal advocate. Depending on your circumstances, you may need representation in connection with:

  • Property Division: Ohio law requires an equitable division of marital property between divorcing spouses, but disputes are common. A lawyer can explain your rights and ensure you get your fair share.
  • Issues Related to Minor Children: It’s necessary to cover support, custody, and parenting time for children during a divorce. Ohio law favors shared parenting, which gives both parents responsibilities for care and upbringing. Financial support will be ordered based on the best interests of the child.
  • Spousal Support: Where appropriate, a court may order alimony for one spouse who requires support to maintain a reasonably comfortable lifestyle.

Understanding Your Divorce Options

Many people picture divorce as a heated battle that takes place in a courtroom, but there are other options for the process.

  • Mediation incorporates a third-party, neutral professional whose purpose is to facilitate agreement on disputed matters. Benefits include:
    • Avoiding a long, expensive legal battle in court;
    • Finding common ground where couples think it’s impossible;
    • Helping ex-spouses remain amicable once the process is complete.
  • Collaborative law is a means of addressing divorce matters out of court, where a team of trained attorneys meets with couples to settle disputes. Through a series of meetings, the parties can resolve their differences according to their individual needs.
  • Litigation may still be necessary to go to court to address divorce disputes. Our team is by your side throughout the litigation process.

Talk to an Ohio Divorce Attorney About Your Matter

Divorce may not be easy, but you can take action to ensure the process moves forward efficiently and with minimal stress. Your first priority is to retain the services of an experienced lawyer who is both knowledgeable in the law and compassionate about the challenges you face. If you have questions about the divorce process, please contact Fout Law in North Canton, OH at 330-437-7455 or send us a message online. We can schedule a consultation to discuss your case and explore your legal options.

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