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The Collaborative Law divorce is most useful when people want to:

  • minimize the impact of the divorce on their children
  • protect their privacy by avoiding public disclosures of private business matters in the courtroom
  • obtain a divorce (or resolution of any family law matter, such as custody) with their dignity intact
  • preserve their ability to communicate with their former spouse
  • create customized solutions for their family
  • set the pace and timeline for the resolution of conflict

Collaborative Law involves a settlement team that includes both parties and their collaboratively trained attorneys. The group signs a pact not to go to court, and to resolve their differences creatively through a series of meetings with the settlement team. A Financial Neutral and/or Communication Coach may be utilized from time to time, if necessary, to facilitate settlement. If the parties fail to resolve all of their disputed issues through the Collaborative process, they may hire new attorneys and litigate those remaining issues.

Attorney Fout has attended intensive training in Collaborative Law and is the President of the Northeast Ohio Collaborative Professionals – a practice group aimed at improving their collaborative skills through monthly meetings and training.

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