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Child support can be one of the most hotly contested issues in an Ohio divorce case. Emotion can get the best of divorcing parents when addressing the financial needs of children, making it difficult to reach an agreement that’s in the child’s best interests. Even when there is no dispute, the legal formula for determining child support is complicated, especially since custody and parenting time do impact payments.

Our team at Fout Law appreciates that child support matters are stressful for the entire family, so we’re dedicated to reducing the anxiety. Attorney Teresa Fout is experienced in all aspects of divorce, trial, and mediation, with problem-solving skills that are invaluable in contentious child support disputes. Our entire team works to ensure you fully understand your options and can make informed decisions that best serve all parties.

Factors in Determining Child Support

Ohio law uses a formula to calculate child support, which requires consideration of:

  • The total combined income for both parents, including all wages or salary from employment, as well as income earned through investments and other assets; and,
  • The statutory child support schedule, which takes into account the amount that should be provided to children yearly and how many children are involved.

After reviewing these factors, the court will enter a child support order requiring the paying parent to pay a percentage of total support, based upon the total income he or she earns. Therefore, if each parent earns $45,000 yearly, the schedule provides that total support will be $10,663; because the paying parent makes 50 percent of the total income, he or she will be required to pay $5,331.50 every year.

Keep in mind that there are certain circumstances where a judge will deviate from the statute, such as when the child has special needs or expenses. The child support order may be higher or lower than the amount listed under the statutory schedule to account for these situations.

Enforcement of Child Support Orders

Once a judge enters a child support order, the terms become a legally binding obligation. Therefore, it’s unlawful for the paying parent to refuse payment. The Child Support Enforcement Agency is charged with enforcement of child support orders and can take action to force payment, including:

  • Withholding wages, Social Security payments, unemployment, or workers’ compensation benefits;
  • Placing liens on real estate or personal property;
  • Garnishing tax refunds;
  • Suspending a driver’s, recreational, or professional license;
  • Issuing a bench warrant for arrest;
  • Denying issuance of a passport; and,
  • Other actions.

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At Fout Law, our knowledgeable legal team provides personalized representation in all types of child support cases. From amicable agreements to complex disputes, we offer advice on your options and provide the counsel you need to make informed choices. We’re dedicated to ensuring a financial arrangement that works for you, your minor children, and your child’s other parent. Please call our North Canton, OH office at 330-437-7455 or contact us online to schedule a comprehensive evaluation of your child support matter.

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