Factors That Impact Your Child Custody Arrangements
Child Custody
Factors That Impact Your Child Custody Arrangements



Factors That Impact Your Child Custody Arrangements

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Child custody cases are among the most sensitive and potentially heated matters in the Ohio family court. Disputes are common in cases of divorce or arising out of paternity proceedings. Child custody orders in Ohio can jeopardize your rights and your relationship with your children for years into the future. Find out some of the factors that impact these arrangements.

Important Factors in Ohio Child Custody Arrangements

In legal proceedings involving the care and custody of children, the Ohio Family Court is generally in favor of time-sharing arrangements that allow each parent to remain active and involved in their child’s life. Having a close relationship with both parties is generally in the child’s interests, but there are some factors the court will consider before issuing a final order in your case. These include:

  • The current and prior role each parent has played in the child’s life up to this point;
  • Their demonstrated ability to nurture the child and provide for their needs;
  • Their ability to put the child’s needs and best interests before their own;
  • Any potential problems, such as a history of drug and alcohol abuse or accusations of domestic violence, that could potentially put the child at risk.

Issues That Can Impact Your Rights Regarding Child Custody

Under the Ohio Code, parents are generally encouraged to cooperate with each other in creating a parenting plan and the judge in your case may order mediation to aid in the process. If you are unable to reach a mutual agreement, they will determine child custody arrangements for you, based on all the facts in your case.

Once a final order is issued, both parties are required to follow. Common issues that can arise and impact your rights regarding child custody include:

  • Refusal to cooperate in creating or implementing the parenting plan;
  • Being late picking up or dropping off the child;
  • Missing visits;
  • Badmouthing the other parent in front of the child or otherwise undermining their authority;
  • Exposing the child to unsafe situations or environments.

In this type of situation, modifications to the original child custody order can be requested and may jeopardize the at-fault parent’s rights. Another factor that can impact child custody arrangements is when one of the parents decides to relocate. The court will consider the reason for the move, whether it is in the child’s best interests, whether the parent sought approval first, and other factors in making new arrangements.

Discuss Your Case With Our Ohio Child Custody Attorney

Nothing is more important as a parent than being able to have a close, loving relationship with your child. There are a variety of factors that impact child custody arrangements. To discuss your specific case, reach out to the Fout Law Office. Give us a call or contact our Ohio child custody attorney online today to request a consultation.

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