Meyers Lake Family Law Attorneys

Meyers Lake Family Law Attorneys

Meyers Lake Family Law Attorneys

Small towns like Meyers Lake were once the bastion of “traditional families.” Most households contained a married mother and father who were both on their first marriage, along with their pure biological children. Today, that is no longer the case in big towns and small towns alike. Instead, most children grow up among stepsiblings or in single-parent homes. These families face additional financial and legal challenges.

The Meyers Lake family law attorneys at the Fout Law Office understand these issues. So, we work hard to resolve them. We always look for the most efficient and cost-effective solution, which also upholds your legal and financial rights. Due to our experience and insight, we often resolve family law cases out of court, and on favorable terms.


The marriage dissolution rate is about twice as high as it was a generation ago, particularly among subsequent marriages. Furthermore, a generation ago, most divorces were very expensive, especially from an emotional standpoint.

Today, most divorces are no-fault marriage dissolutions. That change shifts focus away from the parties and their issues and onto the family and its needs. Usually, these needs include a clear parenting time plan that’s in the best interests of the children, and an equitable property division.

Despite the complexity of these issues, most Ohio divorce cases settle out of court. At the Fout Law Office, we offer a number of litigation alternatives that control costs, encourage civility, and give people more control over the outcome.

During mediation, a third-party mediator, who is usually an unaffiliated Meyers Lake family law attorney, meets with both sides and tries to bring about a settlement. Assuming the parties are not completely intransigent, mediation is usually successful. Collaborative law is another option. In this litigation alternative, the parties meet monthly for as long as it takes to put together an amicable settlement.


The Ohio divorce rate has increased significantly since the 1970s, and so has the out-of-wedlock birth rate. In fact, among certain people groups, unmarried births are more common than married births. Raising children in this environment is quite rewarding and quite challenging for both parents and children. At Fout Law Office, we make the challenges easier to overcome.

Generally, paternity orders include key financial and legal provisions. Frequently, child support payments become more regular. Additionally, many Stark County judges add other similar provisions, such as reimbursement for hospital bills. If necessary, our Meyers Lake family law attorneys can also add personal protection provisions to these orders.

Paternity has health benefits, as well. When children get sick, doctors have access to their complete medical histories.

Divorce Modification and Enforcement

Eventually, an Ohio judge always issues a final decree of divorce. However, divorce is never “final” in the ordinary sense of the word. The case might be dormant for several months or even several years. But eventually, things change and the original order is no longer workable. That is when the Meyers Lake family law attorneys at the Fout Law Firm step in.

Typically, judges modify financial provisions, like alimony, or parenting time provisions, like custody and visitation, if circumstances materially and substantially change. If both parties agree to the change, the judge might sign the new order without a hearing.

In other situations, the current order is still in force, but one party refuses to comply with it. Child support is a good example. Many obligees in Ohio do not receive the full amount of support. In fact, over a fourth of obligees receive nothing at all.

Enforcement options are plentiful in these situations. Some are essentially warning shots, while others are much more aggressive. At the Fout Law Office, we help obligees choose the enforcement method that is in the best interests of their families.

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