Meyers Lake Child Custody Attorney

Meyers Lake Child Custody Attorney

Meyers Lake Child Custody Attorney 

Issues related to minor children can be among the most challenging aspects of the divorce process in Ohio, both because of the complicated laws and emotional factors. Ohio uses the term ‘allocation of parental responsibility‘ to refer to the relevant concepts, and courts generally prefer a situation of sharing parenting where the child is able to maintain a healthy relationship with both parents. While the parents generally agree that they want what is best for their children, it can be difficult to find common ground.

At Fout Law Office, LLC, our team includes lawyers with extensive experience in child custody advocacy, mediation, consulting, and litigation. We are knowledgeable about the laws and legal standards, so we can assist with an arrangement that suits your goals and the needs of your family. Please contact us to set up a consultation with a Meyers Lake child custody attorney who can explain our services. You can also read on for some background about the allocation of parental responsibility in Ohio.

Overview of Ohio Child Custody Laws

Allocation of parental responsibility dictates how parents make the important decisions involved with raising a child when they are no longer living in the same household. The concept covers such issues as education, extracurricular activities, medical care, living arrangements, and many more. The laws envision an arrangement in which both parents participate in decision-making, though sole custody may be appropriate in some cases. In addition:

  • Child support matters are governed by the child’s best interests standard, a set of factors that judges must assess when making determinations.
  • Even in a co-parenting situation, the child will live primarily with one parent. The other has visitation and parenting time rights and will typically be required to pay child support.
  • Allocation of parental responsibility can be modified if circumstances change. Plus, the order is enforceable if a party does not comply.

Resolving Child Custody Issues

Contrary to misconceptions about the allocation of parental responsibility, these matters do not always go to court for determination. Ohio laws encourage parents to agree on child custody, allowing them to create a parenting plan that suits their situation and meets the child’s best interests standard.

Fout Law Office, LLC is prepared to assist with all options regarding allocating parental responsibility. We can advise you on agreements and will protect your interests when negotiating a parenting plan. Our Ohio child custody lawyers are also skilled in mediation proceedings, in which a neutral mediator guides the parties toward compromise on disputes. If it becomes necessary to go to trial on outstanding conflicts, we will develop a litigation strategy designed to meet your objectives with the allocation of parental responsibility.

Discuss Details with a Meyers Lake Child Custody Attorney 

It is encouraging to know that there are options for resolving the allocation of parental responsibility, but you should rely on experienced legal counsel for advice. For additional information, please contact Fout Law Office, LLC. We are happy to set up a consultation with an Ohio child custody lawyer who can describe how the laws apply to your case.

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