Greentown Child Custody Lawyer

Greentown Child Custody Lawyer

Greentown Child Custody Lawyer

Parents who are not in an intact relationship still have rights and responsibilities related to minor children, so you may encounter child custody issues in divorce or paternity proceedings. Ohio’s child custody statute has been updated to use the term allocation of parental responsibilities, but the underlying concepts should be familiar. The law focuses on decision-making on the important aspects of raising the child, so it involves more than simply where the child resides. To ensure a solid child-parent relationship, courts typically favor a co-parenting arrangement in which both participate.

If you are involved with a child custody case, retaining experienced legal counsel should be a top priority to protect your rights as a parent. At Fout Law Office, LLC, our team is committed to advising you on the key concepts and assisting with the proceedings. Please contact our firm to set up a consultation with a skilled Greentown child custody lawyer who will provide personalized details, and read on for an overview.

How Ohio Custody Laws Work

Allocation of parental responsibilities is the arrangement that dictates how parents make decisions about the important aspects of raising the child between their two households. Child custody covers such issues as: 

  • Medical care, including vision, dental, and mental health care;
  • Education and choice of school;
  • Extracurricular activities, including sports, clubs, music, camps, and others;
  • Participation in religion;
  • Entertainment and travel; and,
  • Many other factors, depending on the case.

Even in a situation with shared custody, the child will have a primary residence with one parent. The non-residential parent will have visitation rights and exercise parenting time. Depending on how time is split between the two households, the nonresidential parent will usually also be required to pay child support.

Legal Options for Parents

Ohio law encourages the parties to agree on child custody and create a parenting plan that includes all relevant details about decision-making. Because visitation is closely linked to custody, the plan should also cover the parenting time schedule. As long as the agreement supports the child’s best interests, the judge will enter the parenting plan as a binding court order. When parents disagree, the matter of child custody must go to court for a contested hearing, which is similar to a trial. 

Our Greentown child custody attorneys at Fout Law Office, LLC has extensive experience with all aspects of these cases, so we will support your needs throughout the process. We will:

  • Consult with you about objectives;
  • Develop a strategy for achieving your goals;
  • Draft a proposed parenting plan;
  • Protect your rights during discussions toward a parenting plan agreement;
  • Participate in mediation when ordered by the court; and,
  • Represent you during a contested hearing.

Speak to a Greentown Child Custody Attorney for Additional Details

This summary should help you understand how the allocation of parental responsibilities works, but you will need legal counsel to assist with the process. For more information, please contact Fout Law Office, LLC. We can set up a consultation with a child custody lawyer in Greentown who will explain how the relevant laws apply to your case.

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