Divorce Lawyers North Canton

Divorce Lawyers North Canton

Divorce Lawyers North Canton

Divorce is never an easy process, especially when you consider the emotions and uncertainty combined with complicated laws. The challenging legal process starts by filing a petition, and Ohio divorce laws provide multiple grounds for divorce. You might claim adultery, abandonment, cruelty, or fraud, but many spouses state incompatibility as the reason for dissolving the marriage. Once you initiate the divorce process, you will address property and financial matters. Parents who are ending their marriage must work through issues on child custody, visitation, and support.

Because of the complexities, it is wise to retain experienced legal counsel to represent you in Ohio divorce. You have important rights to protect, and there are multiple options for addressing the key issues in divorce. Fout Law Office, LLC is committed to assisting with your case, so please contact us to schedule a consultation with one of our divorce lawyers in North Canton. Some information on our legal services is also useful.

Key Issues in Ohio Divorce Cases

Our attorneys handle all types of divorce matters, including same-sex, high net worth, simplified dissolution, and many others. While every case is different, and the details vary according to your situation, there are three topics that arise during the process:

  • Property Division: Ohio is an equitable distribution state for the purposes of dividing assets and debts. All property acquired during the marriage is split according to the interests of fairness. Separate items owned before the wedding, gifts, and inheritances belong to the individual spouse.
  • Alimony: A party can request spousal support, and a judge may award it where divorce would result in a financial gap between the parties. The court will also determine the type, amount, and duration of alimony.
  • Issues Regarding Children: Allocation of parental decision making and parenting time are the terms used in Ohio family laws to describe child custody and visitation. The child’s best interests standard applies to decisions on these topics, while child support guidelines determine the support obligation for a paying parent.

Options for Resolving Divorce Matters

Ohio law encourages parties to come to an agreement on the three areas described above, and you may be able to compromise on many topics. Mediation is an option for disputes that you cannot resolve through informal settlement discussions. If the parties still disagree, the case will go to a contested hearing.

Our North Canton divorce attorneys at Fout Law Office, LLC, have the knowledge and skills to protect your rights at every stage of the process. We are experienced with settlement negotiations and mediation, but we have the trial advocacy skills to fight for you in court.

Trust Our Divorce Lawyers in North Canton for Support with Your Case  

Even though divorce can be complicated, it is reassuring to know that you have options for resolving important issues. To learn more about the process, please contact Fout Law Office, LLC, to set up a consultation at our offices in North Canton, OH. We can discuss Ohio divorce laws and strategy after reviewing the details of your case.

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