Divorce Lawyer Near Louisville, OH

Divorce Lawyer Near Louisville, OH

Divorce Lawyer Near Louisville, OH

The best attorney-client relationships are partnerships. That is why a phrase like a ‘divorce lawyer near Louisville, OH’ is more than empty words. Geographic proximity often leads to closer collaboration. Telephone and internet meetings are available, but they are not the same as in-person contact. So, if you work with a nearby attorney, your case’s outcome is usually better. That is especially true in emotional areas, like divorce matters.

Communication is equally as important. It is also one of our core values at the Fout Law Office. We begin every case with an extended conversation. Once we understand your goals and needs in a particular situation, our divorce lawyers near Louisville, OH, explain all your legal options, carefully reviewing the pros and cons of each approach. Then, as things progress, we keep you proactively informed about important developments in your case, so you are never in the dark.

Financial Issues in a Marriage Dissolution

Unless the parties had a prenuptial agreement and/or the marriage only lasted a few months, property division is often the most time-consuming part of a divorce proceeding.

The general property division rule is deceptively simple. The property, including debts and assets, acquired before the marriage or by gift is non-marital property. Everything else is marital property, which is subject to equitable division between the spouses.

Complexities are common. For example, Wife might use funds from her paycheck (marital asset) to make her student loan payments (non-marital debt). In this example, Husband might be entitled to a share of the marital assets that Wife used on a personal debt. If the marriage lasted a number of years, that sum could be tens of thousands of dollars.

Family Support Obligations (FSOs), like child and spousal support, are large features in most divorce cases as well. Typically, judges use a guideline amount to determine child support obligation levels. The guidelines account for factors like the income of both parents, the timesharing division, and the standard of living during the marriage.

Generally, subjective factors determine spousal support payments, if any. These factors focus on the obligee’s economic need and the obligor’s ability to pay. That is different from the obligee’s economic want and the obligor’s willingness to pay.

Financial circumstances change frequently. When that happens, FSO amounts might need modification. The same is true of child custody and visitation matters, as outlined below.

Stark County Divorces and Emotional Issues

Child custody and visitation laws have changed significantly in recent years. Now, Ohio law presumes that children benefit from frequent and consistent contact with both parents. So, some traditional ideas about family law, such as the every-other-weekend timeshare division, no longer work in some cases.

Alterations are available. For example, starting weekend visitations on Thursdays and ending them on Mondays makes the parenting time division much closer to 50-50. Obviously, expanded visitation is not appropriate in all cases.

Family dynamics often change, just like financial circumstances often change. Parents remarry and move away, and other things happen, as well. If the change is substantial and permanent, a divorce lawyer near Louisville, OH, should legally modify the paperwork. That is the only way to ensure that the changes are enforceable.

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Most divorces involve emotional and financial issues. For a confidential consultation with an experienced divorce lawyer near Louisville, OH, contact the Fout Law Office, LLC. Convenient payment plans are available.

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