Divorce Lawyer Near Alliance

Divorce Lawyer Near Alliance

Divorce Lawyer Near Alliance

The Ohio State Legislature officially designated Alliance as The Carnation City in 1959. Almost a century earlier, local politician, Levi Lamborn, gave his rival, future President William McKinley, a carnation. The flower became McKinley’s symbol, and Ohio’s state flower as well. Carnations are highly prized because of their beauty and limited lifespan. They do not last forever.

Many marriages are like carnations. They are beautiful and they do not last forever. So, if you need a divorce lawyer near Alliance, an attorney must normally respect the emotional beauty of the marriage while bringing it to a legal conclusion.

At the Fout Law Offices, our divorce lawyers near Alliance take these twin responsibilities very seriously. As much as possible, or practical, we set up co-parenting situations that give children the stability they need. At the same time, we address financial issues, like alimony, property division, and child support. We always stand up for your legal and financial rights in these areas.

Divorce and Parenting Time Divisions

Most marriage dissolutions involve children under 18. The laws in this area have changed significantly in the 21st century. Joint custody models are a thing of the past, at least for the most part. Instead, Ohio law presumes that children benefit when they spend a meaningful amount of time with each parent on a consistent basis.

To uphold the principles of the co-parenting law, many divorce lawyers near Alliance help families find innovative time-sharing arrangements. Extended weekend visitation is quite popular. Beginning weekend visitation on Thursday instead of Friday and ending it on Monday instead of Sunday greatly equalizes the parenting time split.

Since families change, mostly because of relocation, parenting time divisions usually need frequent modification, as outlined below,

Marriage Dissolution Financial Issues

FSOs (Family Support Obligations), such as alimony and child support, usually dominate the agenda when it comes to divorce financial issues. It is important to consider the rationale for FSOs. Depending on the facts, alimony either gives a needy spouse a short-term cash infusion or permanently equalizes the standard of living between the former spouses. As for child support, Ohio is an income share state. Child support payments help children enjoy the same standard of living they would have had if their parents were married.

In terms of property division, Ohio is an equitable distribution state. Marital assets and debts must be divided equitably between the divorcing spouses. That is not necessarily the same thing as an equal division.

Divorce Modification

Economic and emotional circumstances change frequently. In these situations, some people rely on informal “side-agreements.” It is good to talk about these problems, but all side-agreements are unenforceable in Stark County family law courts. So, if one party suddenly decides to go by what the papers say, the other party has absolutely no recourse.

Divorces should be legally modified at least once every four years. If the financial, parenting time, or other modification is agreed, most judges will sign off on the change without requiring a hearing.

If the emotional matter is contested, the change must be in the best interests of the children. Alimony, child support, and other changes must be based on unanticipated changes of circumstance that are permanent and significant.

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