Divorce Attorney Near Alliance

Divorce Attorney Near Alliance

Divorce Attorney Near Alliance

Legally ending a marriage is a complex undertaking that requires couples to contend with a host of complicated issues, such as alimony, property division, and child support. Although negotiating some or all of these issues in an out-of-court setting with the help of attorneys and mediators can help reduce the stress and conflict that so often accompanies divorce, doing so is not always possible, in which case, the parties may need to litigate the issues in court. For help ensuring that your own divorce goes as smoothly as possible, please contact an experienced divorce attorney near Alliance who can assist you.

How to Legally End a Marriage in Ohio

In Ohio, there are actually two different ways to legally terminate a marriage: divorce and dissolution. The former requires a showing of fault by one of the parties for the union’s failure and usually are only resolved after litigation and court intervention. Dissolution proceedings, on the other hand, tend to be resolved much more quickly, but are only possible when two parties:

  • Want to end their marriage amicably;
  • Jointly submit a dissolution petition; and
  • Negotiate a separation agreement, in which they determine who will retain which marital property, whether one spouse is entitled to alimony, and if necessary, how parental rights and decision making responsibility will be divided.

Even couples who do come up with a separation agreement will only be able to officially end their marriages after a court reviews and approves the agreement. Otherwise, the parties may be required to litigate divorce-related issues, such as property division and spousal maintenance in court.

Filing Requirements

Whether a couple chooses to file for a no-fault dissolution or to litigate their divorce in court, they will need to satisfy a number of filing requirements. Those who opt to file for divorce, for example, will need to prove that either they or their spouse has lived in Ohio for the past six months. In addition to these residency requirements, couples who choose to attempt to dissolve their marriage will be required to submit a signed copy of their separation agreement to the court and then attend a final hearing. Failing to adhere to any one of these filing requirements could delay the resolution of divorce proceedings by months or even years, so if you and your spouse have decided to part ways, it is critical that you speak with an experienced divorce lawyer who is well-versed in state procedure and can ensure that your paperwork is filed properly and on time.

Call an Experienced Divorce Attorney Near Alliance

Whether you and your spouse have decided to file for divorce, or are attempting to dissolve your marriage in an out-of-court setting, you will most likely need the advice of an experienced attorney. To learn more about how a knowledgeable divorce attorney near Alliance can help with your own divorce case, please contact the dedicated legal team at Fout Law today. You can reach our office by phone or online message.

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