Child Custody Attorneys Green OH

Child Custody Attorneys Green OH

Child Custody Attorneys Green OH

For parents, their top priority is taking care of their children. For this reason, Ohio child custody proceedings can be particularly contentious. Decisions made during these proceedings can impact you and your child now and in the future. At the Fout Law Office, you can count on our child custody attorneys in Green OH to act as a strong, trusted legal ally on your side. We provide the professional legal representation you need to ensure your child and your rights as a parent are protected.

Get Trusted Legal Guidance From Our Child Custody Lawyers in Green, OH

When dealing with child custody disputes through the Summit County Family Court, it is important to be aware of how much is riding on these proceedings. Determinations regarding custody, time sharing, and other important issues can end up jeopardizing your rights as a parent and your child’s best interests for years to come.

To protect yourself and your child, get the trusted legal guidance and professional representation you need from the Fout Law Office. As child custody attorneys in Green, OH, with years of experience, we can help address important issues in your case, including:

  • Whether you should have sole custody of your child or whether child time sharing arrangements are appropriate;
  • Rights regarding overnight and extended visits during weekends, holidays, school breaks, and other special occasions;
  • Legal custody, which refers to the right to make important decisions on your child’s behalf, such as regarding their medical care, education, and religious upbringing;
  • How pick-up and drop-off arrangements are handled and provisions for changes in plans;
  • Other important details included as part of child custody in Ohio.

Factors That Influence Child Custody in Green, OH

At the Fout Law, we can meet with you and discuss important issues in your case. Our child custody attorneys in Green, OH will advise you on how guidelines listed under the Ohio Code are likely to apply and factors that may influence your child custody arrangements. These include:

  • Each parent’s current and previous relationship with the child;
  • Their proven ability to provide the love, support, and nurturing the child needs;
  • Each one’s willingness and ability to cooperate in implementing child time sharing arrangements;
  • Problems that could potentially put the child at risk, such as accusations of domestic abuse or drug and alcohol addiction.

Request a Consultation With Our Child Custody Attorneys in Green, OH

To protect your rights and the overall wellbeing of your child, get the trusted legal guidance you need in child custody proceedings from the Fout Law Office. Call or contact our child custody attorneys in Green, OH online and request a consultation today.

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