Canton Family Law Attorneys

Canton Family Law Attorneys

Canton Family Law Attorneys

Matters involving family law can be rife with stress and conflict, and affect not only you but also your loved ones. Whether you are navigating issues of divorce, child care and support, or other areas of family law in Ohio, you need an experienced family law attorney by your side to zealously advocate for your needs. At Fout Law, our team’s approach to our clients’ family law needs around Canton has helped many resolve their conflicts and move forward with their lives. Call or contact our office to learn more about how our Ohio family law attorney can help you as a lawyer, advocate, mediator, and collaborator.

Providing Dedicated Support for Your Legal Needs

Fout Law prides itself on providing focused and dedicated attention to every family law client who walks through our door. We are in constant communication about the case, explaining the next steps and your legal options. The experienced team at Fout Law has helped clients in Canton with a number of family law-related matters, including:


Fout Law has helped many clients file for divorce in Ohio, ensuring that all of the paperwork is filed with the court on time. We help to negotiate all aspects of a final divorce decree, including the equitable distribution of property and temporary orders for support, custody, and property. With changes to the way alimony is taxed at the federal level, spousal support may be even more difficult to obtain. Our office represents your best interests in divorce and helps you achieve what you are owed in your divorce case.

Child Custody and Support

Some of the most contentious issues in an Ohio divorce are matters of child custody, visitation, and support. With our attorney’s background in mediation and collaborative divorce, we can help negotiate an amicable settlement in which both parents walk away happy and the child is not put under stress or duress to choose between parents. If one side is being unreasonable or there is a need to protect the child during a divorce, we will aggressively fight for you and your child’s needs.

Other areas of family law our offices specialize in includes adoption and parental rights. Providing a full range of legal services for our clients requiring help with family law matters throughout the Canton area, Fout Law is here to be your legal advocate through this difficult time.

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If you would like to discuss your family law matter and learn more about your legal options, Fout Law is here to help. Representing clients throughout the Canton, Ohio area, call the office or contact us today to schedule a consultation with our expert family law attorney now.

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