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Canton Divorce Law Firm

Canton Divorce Law Firm

Ohio divorce can be challenging even when spouses generally get along, but the complications increase as disputes develop about key issues. Initially, the process begins by filing the petition to dissolve the marriage, in which you state your grounds for divorce in Ohio, including incompatibility. From there, some of the biggest conflicts and complications can arise. There are multiple legal and financial considerations as you end your marital relationship and move forward as individuals, and parents must also address the needs of children.

At Fout Law Office, LLC, our team is prepared to support your needs and protect your rights throughout the divorce process. We have the knowledge to navigate divorce statutes and court rules, as well as extensive experience in court. Please contact our Canton divorce law firm to set up a case review with a skilled attorney. You can also read on for a summary of our services.

Divorce Cases We Handle

While the outcome of the divorce process will always be a legal end to the marriage, there are different categories based upon the underlying circumstances. You can trust our lawyers for assistance with:

  • Contested divorce, in which the parties have disputes to resolve in court;
  • High-net worth divorce;
  • So-called “gray” divorces among older individuals who have retirement and pension issues to address;
  • Divorce mediation, a process overseen by a mediator who has skills with helping parties compromise; and,
  • Collaborative divorce, which involves a series of conversations toward settlement instead of going to court.

Issues in Ohio Divorce

There are certain issues spouses must address to dissolve the marriage, and one that most couples will face is property division. Ohio applies the law of equitable distribution, so your assets are first divided into marital or separate. All martial property is split fairly between the parties. In addition:

  • Either party can request spousal support, and a court may award is when there is a significant financial gap between them.
  • Courts decide custody and visitation for minor children on the basis of the child’s best interests. Child support works according to statutory guidelines.

Finding Solutions in Divorce Cases

Parties are encouraged to agree on property division, alimony, and issues regarding children. If they cannot resolve their disputes by negotiations or mediation, the matter will be decided by a judge.

Our Ohio divorce attorneys at Fout Law Office, LLC are dedicated to helping with marital settlement agreements, so we will negotiate on your behalf and ensure your rights are protected. If your case goes to court, we are skilled with strategy and arguments to persuade the judge.

Trust a Canton Divorce Law Firm to Serve Your Needs 

This is a useful overview of divorce topics in Ohio, but you can see that legal representation is critical. Our team at Fout Law Office, LLC will guide you through the process and advise you on the laws, so please contact us to speak to an Ohio divorce lawyer. We can set up a consultation at our offices in North Canton, OH, to review your circumstances and discuss key issues.

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