Canton Divorce Attorneys

Canton Divorce Attorneys

Canton Divorce Attorneys

Getting a divorce in Ohio is one of the most stressful situations you can face. The outcome could impact your relationships with others, your financial security, and your overall well-being for years into the future. To protect yourself, get our Canton divorce attorneys on your side. At Fout Law Office, we provide the professional legal representation needed to protect your rights and to help ensure the best possible outcome in your case.

Important Issues That Must be Dealt With When Getting a Divorce in Ohio

Each divorce is as different as the individuals involved. Some couples are able to part ways on amicable terms, while other cases are more contentious. In either situation, it is important to have experienced Canton divorce attorneys.

Under the Ohio Revised Code, there are certain matters which must be dealt with before a final divorce order can be issued. While these must be addressed regardless of the length of your marriage or the circumstances surrounding your divorce, there are individual factors in your situation that can make them more complex. At Fout Law, we provide the trusted legal guidance you need when dealing with the following;

  • Marital property, assets, and debts: These are divided on an equitable basis. An equitable is not necessarily right down the middle; the judge will consider factors such as the length of the marriage, each person’s income, and their overall contributions to the relationship when deciding who gets what.
  • Spousal support/Alimony: Spousal support may be ordered if one spouse makes considerably less than the other. Perhaps one spouse sacrificed a career or education to stay home, and the other brought in the main income. Support might be ordered in this case.
  • Child custody, parenting plans, and child support; Based on any specific issues in your case, the judge may order sole custody or a joint parenting plan. The amount of time your child is in your care will factor into any child support that must be paid.

How Our Canton Divorce Attorneys Can Help in Your Case

Decisions made regarding the above can impact you now and for years to come. To ensure you achieve a fair and equitable divorce order or settlement, get our Canton divorce attorneys on your side. Ways in which Fout Law can help in your case include:

  • Reviewing the circumstances surrounding your divorce;
  • Filing your divorce petition and other legal documents with the Stark County Family Court;
  • Appearing on your side at divorce hearings;
  • Negotiating on your behalf with other attorneys involved;
  • Making sure you get the best possible outcome and ensuring any final divorce orders are enforced.

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